I am having a hard time finding some thing to blog about today, so I thought I would tell you about my cat that has some very unusual habits that I have not seen in other cats. I am not sure if she is totally all cat,lol. Mornings are awful because there is nothing better then to think your having your first sip of coffee in the morning and engrossed in reading and look at your mug and finding whiskers and cat hair around the rim. Once you clean out the cup, try and sit down once more when she is nipping at your leg as she wants to be fed and she is spoiled as she gets her soft food and dried food. Then you can relax a bit before you get the rest of the family up for work or summer school. There are days when I can’t get to her fast enough and then she is plopping down in front of me where I am trying to walk and/or biting. So there are days of not knowing who is worse, my child or the cat.

She loves baths, but on her terms only, which includes waiting for me to wash out bathroom sink and after its clean, she will lay half in and half out of it or roll into a ball, and then look up at me and meows.

After supper we like to turn the television on and try and watch a movie, but if she feels she is not getting enough attention, then she will climb up in front of the television, its like she is saying, ” no television for you tonight, I am the center of attention”. She eventailly climbs down and will search for a lap to sleep in. If I put my leg up, she will nip until I lower my leg. She doesn’t hesitate to make a huge mess with her toys either and Oni has quite a few. When she runs after her balls and/mice, She will meow at you until you have to get them out from under hutch. This cat is a special cat to my family and I love her so much. She has been a blessing to all of us.


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