Angels Among Us (pg 1)

In nineteen ninety eight, and because I was in danger due to a very abusive husband. The womens shelter I was at decided that they were going to transfer me to a safe house in L.A. I had two young sons and they went to stay with my mother as later they would be joining me once I was stable and had a place in L.A.

I was at this safe house for a week when I had recieved a message that my mother was trying to gain full custody of the boys. I snuck in a phone call to my husband to not sign papers(those phone calls were not allowed).

Within an hour of that call, I was called into the safe house office and was told to pack my things and they were going to send me to a hotel, that I had risked everyones life’s by placing that call.

A woman had picked me up and drove me to a hotel that no one spoke english. The hotel had cockroaches and the noises that came from the other rooms kept me awake. At least looking out the window I was able to see the Hollywood sign. 

I had no idea what Iwas going to do, as I looked into the envelope that was given me and noticed that I was only left with a hundred dollars in which I had over a thousand when I arrived. All valuables were locked up in that safe house. 

I had tried calling my mother to help to bring me home and she had only said” I don’t talk to cowards” and hang up.

I was stuck, I did know a friend in Annaheim, tried calling, but no answer. I even tried clicking my heels together like Dorothy did in “wizard Of Oz”. It did not work. 

The next day, I threw most of my belongings away as I wasn’t sure what is going to happen. I finally called the Greyhound Bus to see how much it would cost to get home which was in Minnesota. Then I decided to take a chance and I had enough money to get to Annaheim CA. 

I met some wonderful people on the Grey houndand in fact a vietnamese woman said “You need help, you call,yes” and gave me her phone number.

Once the bus stopped in Anneheim, everyone around me scattered in different cars or transferred to other busses. I waved at Lin as she was getting into a vehicle. Then it was quiet, no one around, went around the building to find a payphone and tried again to contact my friend. Still nothing. I again attempted to contact my mother and she hung up on me.

I finally decided to take a cab, which seemed to take for ever to get there. I gave the driver the address and it was only a five minute ride,paid him and went and knocked on my friend’s front door. No answer and I didn’t know what to do as I needed to space out the money as far as possible. Isat down on the front steps and sat. I had slept as she came into the drive way and as she had gotten out of her car and then her partner had gotten out as well, but she gave me a hug and asked what I was doing there. She unlocked her front door and I told her what had happened and then she said that I couldn’t stay there. Asked if there was some place she could take me. I asked if I could use her phone and attempted to call my mother and again, she had hung up on me. 

I looked at my friend and she said she would take me to the greyhound bus station and hopefully I would find someone to help me. 

Once at the Greyhound bus station, I was alone and frightened and thirsty. I sat down on a bench along side the station and the more I sat the more I frightened, so I got my heavy bag and walked to the seven-eleven that was a couple of blocks up the hill. 

Once I had purchased something to drink, I decided that I was going to attempt another phone call to my mother, she had my sons and I was going to keep calling til she talked to me. There were a few people around who quickly left, except for one car and the owner kept staring at me. He gave me the chills, but yet there was something about him. I finally connected to my mother and she yelled and yelled to the point I hung up on her. 

I sat down on the curb for a minute, then the man from the car walked over and asked if I was ok, I said I was and then I got up and started walking back down to the bus station. 

Once I had gotten back and was situated on the bench, a car pulled into the lot and stopped. It was the same guy from the gas station. 


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