My Deck Garden

What was only to be an experiment,turned out tobe a huge success.

I started my Heirloom tomatoes in March so they would be ready to transplant outdoors in June.All of the seedlings died except for one that was also in bad shape(looking all scraggly),I was not going to let that happen so I babied that scraggly seedling with plant food and artisan water and very slowly it made a slow comeback and I was very proud as my boyfriend and I transplanted it and as you can see,its doing very well, with lots of blooms on it and quite a few blooms on it. 

I was still bummed about losing the other tomato plants, my boyfriend went out and purchased cherry tomato seeds. I prepared the soil with plant food and again artisan water and then added the seeds. These are how the cherry tomatoes are looking now.

f During the severe weather we had a month ago, we almost lost them, but my boyfriend was at the rescue. I did lose my radishes and cucumbers and green beans during the storms. It was to late to try and plant more radishes and cucumber seeds. But did plant more green beans and snap peas and dill. They are all striving well. I am looking forward to making salsa and jarring and pickling with what we have, as we learn to be self sufficient without the preservatives with store bought food.


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