Angels Among Us (pg4)

Oh was I wrong in those words as I stood up and stared at the door of the restaurant. I just couldn’t do it, I had never begged before, never had to, I could have called my father but we were not on speaking terms at the time as he never wanted me to marry the man that I had married(fathers really do know best). I had always made my way through life since a young age of thirteen. But begging for food was oout of the question. Sherry got up and scolded me and told me I was a coward and walked back inside and a lady walked over with her little cocker spanial. Ibent over and petted the dog and she said she heard and I said everything was ok. She said her name was Diane and “where are you from”, your not from around here?” She said. I said “no, I am from Duluth MN, I want to go back to the bus station,maybe my mom got that ticket, so I can go home.”

Diane looked at me with a concerned look on her face ” Honey, you need to get away from her. She has bad news written all over her, What is your name?” I told her my name and Sherry walked out then. Walked over to us and Sherry said “what is your business with my friend, she doesn’t talk to anyone unless I say its ok.” 

Ihad started to tear up when she said that, I wanted to run, but where? Sherry took me by the shoulder back to our table where she proceeded to eat in front of me with her second burger. She proceded in telling me that we will be very busy later this evening. I just looked at her and said I wanted to go back to the bus station and she said I could leave when she says. 

When she finished her food, and were heading back to her shop, she ran across the street where a guy was walking his bike and started speaking spanish to him. I don’t speak much spanish, so I don’t know what was being said til she started walking and with him following us now. I started to ask, but Sherry told me to not say a word. Now if I felt sick, it was then and there. 

When we entered the shop she said to stay silent and to learn. SHe motioned the guy to the other end of the room and proceded to take some money he had taken out of his wallet. She then went to the front door and locked it from the inside. In my mind I wanted out of there, please don’t do this in front of me. She undressed, the guy also undressed as well. I thought it only happened in movies. She walked over and took my hair in a fist and told me to watch and to watch closely. I was in tears and said “ok”. 

There are no words to describe how bad it was except for it was bad.

He spoke to her in spanish, and then she said, he will pay double for you. I said no, she said “I already told him, that you were fresh meat and not ready yet and if he came back in a few days, you would be more then ready to accept his offer.” I said hell no. She laughed and said ” Hell is my best friend”. 

After the guy had left, she cleaned herself off and went to lay down when there was a knock on the shop door. Some lady waving and wearing an outfit that was all black with sequins everywhere. 

Sherry opened the door and the two of them were hugging and dancing so to speak and laughing. Then while they went over to the counter and talked, I did sit down on the floor. 

I looked over in their direction once and they were doing something and then drinking something and then things really got weird as they got louder. Sherry finally noticed me as I was crawling to the front door. SHe told me to get up and go to where they were. I said that I needed to find a bathroom. SHe said that could wait, that they had something for me to try. I said that I was fine and that I really had to go to the bathroom. 

Sherry walked over to me and grabbed my hair again and said,not yet. 

I told her to let me go. She said “try this first”. I said no. She said”you bitch will try this,it will calm you down and your the prize for tonight”. It was some sour something, which I spit out in her face and she let go and I ran out the shop with a hit across the back of my neck. I didn’t know where to run to, but ran back to that restaurant. I asked for a phone, they hesitated and said no habla. I walked out the front door and was met by the lady I had met earlier and she asked me if I was ok and I told her what happened, she said she was close by the whole time and she went into the restaurant and said she called the police.

The police came and I had to describe the whole story from leaving Duluth to now, and the two officers said that they will stop by the shop so i can get my belongings and then take me to the police station to wash up and get this mess taken care of. Going back to the shop, my belongings were all over the parking lot and they were pounding on the shop door and entered,came back out and said that no one was there at that time and then put my belongings into the trunk and while driving they had asked when I had eaten last, I said it had been a while. They stopped at a Hardee’s drive thru and ordered some food. Once back at the police station, they put me in a small room and told me to eat. It was fifteen minutes when the captain came in and asked to see my driver’s license, which I gave him. He stepped out of the room. 

It was a while since anyone has been in the room, I got up and walked over to the door and it was locked. Isat back down and just stared around the room, when a police woman entered the the room and said the captain wanted to talk to me. I was so happy to be out of the room. 

Was escorted to the Captains desk and he looked down at me and asked me if I was feeling better, I said yes, and he said that there was a woman who had disappeared from Duluth, but it wasn’t me. He then said that he contacted my mother and told her of the ordeal and to get that ticket to get home, because next time Iwould not be so lucky as that Sherry didn’t have cancer, she had just gotten out of prison. He also said his officers were dropping me off at the Annhiem Bus station in hopes that my mother was going to follow through. He told the female officer to take me to the showers so Icould freshen up. The shower did feel good. 

It was an hour later and the drive back was humorous as they asked me about my accent. They took my bag out of trunk and told me good luck. I said thank you. They were gone and I walked into the station and of course there wasn’t a ticket..Back to my bench I sat.


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