When It Rains

Sometimes it pours. I am not just talking of the weather. Maybe I am not doing things right, as in the blogging world. I hear people chatting of blogging is the way to go. Especially when one such as I being disabled. Told that my life as a CNA/Nurse is of the past and I find something that I can do which is write and make money from it and so I write and blog, but not making any money from it. Then my boyfriend is now disabled through his work and the feelings I have, I feel like I should be doing more. I would like some advice from others who make blogging their life work and share links that might be able to help me…Thank you


One thought on “When It Rains

  1. I know there are sites here on WP that offer some good suggestions on getting started. If you haven’t already tried it, stick a few key words into the Search option of Reader and see what pops up.
    From my limited experience, I’ve no idea how people make money from blogging. But I do know that there is friendship to be found here, and it sounds like you need that too, mate.

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