Chicken Cordon Bleu

            Another one of my favorite dishes is Chicken Cordon Bleu. Its quite easy to make and delicious and a huge hit with the picky eaters in the house. Hope you get a chance to enjoy. Preheat oven 400 degrees INGREDIENTS: 3         Chicken Breasts 4         Ham Slices 1/2c    Swiss Cheese (shredded) 1tsp    Dijon Mustard 1tsp    … More Chicken Cordon Bleu

Pickled Red Onions

          Some of our recipe’s call for Pickled Red Onions. Which is easy to make and just a small process. It goes well in our Crab and Cucumber Salad which is pictured here. They are also great on Hamburgers, Salads, Sandwiches. Go ahead and give it a try and please leave us a comment as … More Pickled Red Onions

Dill Pesto

              Here is our Dill Pesto that goes well in fish entree’s, we used it in our Crab and Cucumber Salad recipe that we will be sharing with you. INGREDIENTS: 2oz             Hazelnuts (toasted) 2oz             Fresh Dill 1/2oz          Fresh Parsley … More Dill Pesto

Crab And Cucumber Salad With Pickled Red Onion And Hazelnut Dill Pesto

              With trying to find healthier ways of cooking, made me think of this a Gluten-Free Entree dish that was healthy and refreshing and it was so beautiful, that I had just wanted to stare at its beauty. This is a must try and here is our recipe and if you get a chance to … More Crab And Cucumber Salad With Pickled Red Onion And Hazelnut Dill Pesto

Beef Soup With Red Wine

11/2lbs       beef steak (cut into 1inch cubes 2Tbsp         olive oil 3cloves       garlic (minced) 1                 onion (diced) 2stalks        celery (diced) 2                 carrots (diced) 3                 potato (diced) 1&1/2c       Red Wine 3                 bay leaves 2sprigs        thyme 1/2tsp          ground coriander 1/4tsp         black pepper 8c              beef broth Directions: – Cut and prepare … More Beef Soup With Red Wine