Pickled Red Onions

          Some of our recipe’s call for Pickled Red Onions. Which is easy to make and just a small process. It goes well in our Crab and Cucumber Salad which is pictured here. They are also great on Hamburgers, Salads, Sandwiches. Go ahead and give it a try and please leave us a comment as Would like to hear how you used these refreshing onions.


1             Onion (thinly sliced)

1c            Water

1/2c         Red wine vinegar

1/2c         Sugar

1              Bay Leaf

10            Juniper berries (if its not sold at your local store, your local whole foods co-op may have them).

1Tbsp      Salt


– Place onions in large bowl,

– Boil water, vinegar, sugar, bay leaf, juniper berries, and salt.

– Pour over sliced onion and cover tightly.

– When cool, refrigerate.


5 thoughts on “Pickled Red Onions

  1. OMGGGG…. I’ve only recently discovered the awesomeness of pickled onionsssss… they are aaaa maaa zinnnggggg… I use yellow onions…not really a fan of red onions…I use pimento and bay leaf with some red pepper flakes… heavenly…! what are juniper berries… I’m in the Caribbean… 😦

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    1. They are a sweet berry, that is only grown in the midwest, in the states where its cooler. You are so lucky to live in the Carbbean(warm temps). Here we have snow and temp is only 10degree’s.


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