Kluski Kielbasa Cabbage

                         This is Kluski Kielbasa Cabbage, which is a traditional Polish dish that

mom would make. Its very filling and goes great with Rye Toast and saut’ed tomato and zucchini on the side.


4              Green Onions

4oz          Kielbasa (cut into 1/2in slices)

2 Tbsp     Butter

2c            Cabbage

2tsp        Garlic

1 1/2c     Sour Cream

1lb          Kluski Noddles


– Heat up the water, once boiling, add Kluski noodles. Cook until done, Drain in Colander.

– Next, Heat butter in pan.

– Add Kielbasa and fry til browned.

– Move Kielbasa to the side of pan.

– Add shredded cabbage, half of green onion the garlic and saute.

– Mix both the Kielbasa and cabbage together.

– Add of the Sour cream.

– Stir and mix together.

Add the rest of the sour cream and green onions and mix well.

   – Add salt and pepper to taste, but depending on the type of Kielbasa you buy, you should not have to add to much. Thinking of add-ins, what would your add-ins be.




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