Quick And Easy Pizza Dough

     I have been asked what kind of pizza dough I use for many of our pizza’s and I tell them

Its a very quick and easy one that I use. Try this recipe and see how fast and simple this recipe is.



6c              All-purpose Flour

4tsp           Quick acting Yeast or (2pkg of quick acting yeast)

2&1/2c      Very warm water

1Tbsp         Garlic Salt * optional


– In a medium sized bowl

Combine Yeast and very warm water, stir well, set aside while you do the dry ingredients.

-In a large bowl;

– Add Flour and the optional garlic salt.

– Add the yeast mixture and combine.

– knead well, form into a ball.

– Place dough into a greased bowl, cover with plastic for a 1/2 hr or until it rises to double.

– When dough is double in size, remove from bowl and roll out onto floured surface, cut dough in half.

– Roll one half of the dough to fit a pizza pan.

– Roll out and fold over to place onto greased pizza pan.

– Shape to fit pizza pan.

– Using a fork, poke holes everywhere on the dough.

– Now the pizza dough is ready for the toppings.


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