Classic Reuben Sandwiches

  This Sandwich was so easy and fun to make, After letting the corned beef slow cook all day, I did some research on Sauerkraut and the health benefits. If I would have known there were so many, I would have been eating this a long time ago. In my next blog I will be sharing those benefits with you. For now this is one of our recipe’s using Sauerkraut and corned beef.


2 slices       Corned Beef

1/4 c           Sauerkraut ( warmed)

2 tsp           Thousand Island (each slice of bread)

2 slices       Rye bread ( toasted)

2 slices       Swiss cheese


– Remove beef from slow cooker.

– Slice the beef

– Butter one side of the bread, spread 2 tsp of Thousand Island dressing on other side of the bread.

– Place cheese on top of the dressing, warm up the Sauerkraut.

– Add 2 Tbsp of Sauerkraut on top of the cheese, then place meat on Sauerkraut.

– Add remaining of Sauerkraut on top of the beef.

– Add other side of the bread.

Sour cream and chive  or Jalapeno chips go well with this sandwich.

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