Hot And Spicy Turkey Soup

    Still using some of the left over turkey from Thanksgiving. This soup was a hit in our house especially on a cold and snowy day. Prep time only took 5 minutes, cooking time took 1hr.



2 c               Turkey (cooked, shredded)

4 c                Turkey stock or chicken

1/2 c             Carrots (sliced)

2                   Jalapeno (1/8 slices)

1tsp              Coriander

1tsp             Salt

2tsp              Pepper

1/4c             Cilantro


–  Boil Stock.

– Add turkey and carrots to the stock, add spices.

– Cut the Jalapeno and cilantro and put aside.

– After the soup has been boiling for 20 minutes.

– Turn the heat down to simmering, add Jalapeno.

– After forty minutes, serve in a bowl and top with cilantro.

Can also serve over rice, or sticky rice. Or crackers. So if your looking for a soup that is sure to warm you up. Give this soup a try.


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