Its That Time Of Year.


I have not been keeping up on time lately. All I have been seeing is Christmas everywhere. I could have sworn I had just put the Halloween decorations away. Oh well. As I stare at the Christmas tree in the garage rafters and the other bins with the Christmas decorations.

I start thinking of Santa Claus and I chuckle as I know he is not for real, but sometimes one has to have a imagination, exactly what I had on this day when I chuckled as I thought If  there was a Santa Claus, my only wish would be that my love wouldn’t be in pain. That we would have the answers as to what was causing it. Or the wish is that the world would be in peace.

As for the rest of this blog, I miss the Christmases where the children played outside, while the men sat inside the garage overlooking the children. While the women cooked and set the table. Or going to Mass at midnight, only to fall asleep and my sibling would kick me.

Now though its all about electronics. Not enough cards go out in the mail, most of it is done on the internet. Can we bring the old Christmases back to the point of putting away the electronics and send loved ones a card. Bake more goodies. This year my way of gift giving will be baking candies and fudge and cookies and sending those out in gift baskets.




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