Blogmas – Day 2


       Its Christmas time once again, Putting the tree up brings back both good and bad memories. I prefer to think about the good memories such as when I worked as a CNA at the Assisted Living Facility, I had my residents help with decorating, even if they were in wheel chairs or near blind, or not understanding. I wanted them to participate in some way with the decorations. After snack, they would gather in each living room and each were given five decorations for the tree’s.  By the time that they placed their decorations on the tree, they usually had enough and went to their rooms. I usually had two who stayed and helped and even though they were 94 and 86 years old. They sure had me on my toes as I would ask which garland to put on the tree’s (gold or red).

The 94 year old wanted the red garland and the 86 year old was fine with it. So as I was almost done, they decided the gold. This was the tradition that I had with the residents for six years. I tried to make a good Christmas for the residents as some of the residents didn’t have family that came to visit. So I would go dressed up as a Elf or a Santa. Just to hear them laugh was the best Christmas present I could ask for.

My last year working there, My 94 year old passed, I still did the routine of putting the tree’s up. When it came to putting the garland on the tree. The 87 year old fluffed some of the branches out, he knew that I was a little sad and helped by fluffing a few branches.

Another great memory is 2014, moving with Mark to a small town where his family lived and finding happiness.

This is by far, my favorite Christmas memory. There were only a couple of people who knew that I was going to dress in the full Santa suit. Mark’s sister snuck the Santa suit ( so mark and Santanna wouldn’t see it). On Christmas eve, I had snuck out and went over to Mark’s sisters house. I quickly got into the Santa suit and Mark’s broth-in-law was waiting for me, to drive me partly back to where the rest of the family were.

He let me off fifteen feet from the house, Got the rest of me together, once I got near the door, I would ring the bells and Saying in a raspy voice “Ho,Ho,Ho Merry Christmas”. The kids opened the door, the kids were excited and happy. My Mark, who was in the kitchen came around the corner and had to leave the room again (laughing and not wanting to let the kids know it was me).

It was a great hour and had tons of fun. then Santa had to say goodbye and I left the house. I changed my outfit in the garage.  The three kids still argue if it was me or not.

Christmas is about being together and making happy new memories. My daughter who has holiday anxiety is getting better about creating happy new memories.

If you have Happy Holiday memories, I would love for you to share them?



4 thoughts on “Blogmas – Day 2

  1. Your Holiday decorations look wonderful and bring back many memories for me, too! It’s fun to see our angel from Grandma W still proudly perched atop the tree after 40 some years! I am proud to see you use the tree skirt I quilted several decades ago, too, to blanket the base. I love the tree wrapped in the big red ribbon and bow, too ! Thanks for sharing the photos!! And I do remember Santa appearing at our house many times… and especially the special one you mentioned!! He always seemed to appear while our family attended the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service! One year he forgot his pipe at our house, after leaving cookie crumbs on our table! (Christmas time can bring many fond memories I have experienced in my over 70 years!!)

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

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  2. Beautiful tree and how wonderful that you were able to make Christmas special for the residents in the facility. Sometimes I think we can get caught up in the holidays stirring up sad memories. We have family issues that get stirred up but we have worked hard the last few years to create new memories. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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