Au Gratin Potatoes Made Easy

          Are you looking for a change in potatoes? This Au Gratin Potatoes recipe is one that is easy to prepare. Waiting for them to finish baking is the difficult part.


1/4 c            Butter

1/4 c            All-purpose Flour

1/2tsp          Salt

2 c               Cheddar Cheese (Shredded Cheese)

1/2 c            Parmesan Cheese (Grated)

5 c               Potatoes (5 potatoes) (peeled and sliced)

1/4 c            Bread Crumbs


– Heat oven to 350 degree’s

– Grease 2 quart casserole dish.

– In medium pan,

– Melt butter, Stir in the flour and salt.

-Add milk and stir til a little bubbly.

– Add the cheeses.

– Stir thoroughly.

– Add the potatoes and gently mix together.

– Next pour into the grease casserole dish.

– Sprinkle the bread crumbs on the potatoes, cover and bake for 1 to 1&1/2 hrs. Or until potatoes are tender.

Once in a while I like adding bacon bits and chives to this dish. This dish didn’t last at our house, and with having a picky child, this was winner.


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