The Crows And The Great Horned Owl. (5 minute read)

I wish a few days ago, I would have had a camera outside as my honey and I talking outside.

We had a very difficult time of talking as the crows were flooding by and squawking very loudly. We had counted more then fifty crows at one time flying in and around a pine in our back yard.

I had gone in to get the camera, but suddenly noticed something dark in the branches. I focused a little more and noticed the head moved. I asked Mark what that was and rushed in to get the camera. I also told our daughter to look outside to see the action, Who ran to the window to see. Only we were to late. Mark had said that the owl had flown across the highway into the woods, which is not far and the sound of the Crows was still evident.

Mark was amazed at the splendor of that owl. He said it had a dark brown head, and dark body with no white. mark said that it didn’t have ears. Mark and I spent the afternoon researching to see what kind of owl is common up here in the Northwestern Wisconsin area. Country living at its best.I have also learned to keep a camera by the windows and back door, on the ready.


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