White Fish In Lemon Dill Sauce

       After a beautiful day celebrating our fourth year anniversary in Cornucopia, Wisconsin( Which is a little Lake Superior beach town in Northwestern Wisconsin). Mark and I visited a couple of shops that were on the dock, and as we rounded a corner, we discovered Halvorson’s Fisheries. Once you enter the shop, your able to see the employee’s cut and score the fish that had just been caught before we came in. We bought four white fish fillets and a few other fish snacks, most people go out for dinner on their anniversary, but we like to cook at home and what better way of showing love for each other is by cooking together and this is our ” White Fish In Lemon Sauce”.

Here is our recipe in case you want a easy recipe to make or its even better when you make it with the love of your life.


4Fillets                   Whitefish

3Tbsp                      Butter

2Sprigs                   Thyme

1/2c                        White Wine (dry)

1                             Bay Leaf

2Sprigs                   Dill (chopped)

2Sprigs                   Chives (chopped)

1                             Lemon (juice only)

1/4c                        Butter( cold chunks)

1 pinch                  Salt

1pinch                   Pepper

*Prepare the fish by scoring skin side of fish and cutting out the pin bones, or if you don’t mind bones you can leave them in. Season with the salt and pepper.

Heat pan on medium high heat.

– Add butter, should start to sizzle, you want your pan hot

– Add fish, skin side down first.

– Cook for 2-3 minutes til brown and crispy.

– Flip fish over and add thyme and a little more butter.

– Cook one minute or until fish is cooked all the way through.

For The Sauce:

– Heat wine, Bay leaf and lemon juice and reduce by half.

– Then add fresh dill and chives and butter.

– Mix until the butter melts and combines.

-Take out the bay leaf

– Serve over the fish once you have it plated.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Mark and I did.


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