Country Biscuits And Sausage Gravy

       I enjoyed making this for the family. Even though we are on diets, once a week its nice to indulge in something different. I hope you enjoy this easy southern classic recipe as much as our family did. Everyone went back for seconds.

(Prepare biscuits ahead of time).


3/4 c                  Butter

2                        Garlic (minced)

1/3 c                  Flour

1                        Bay Leaf

2sprigs               Thyme(optional)

1 tsp                   Salt

3 c                      Milk

1 lb                     Sausage


–  Fry sausage, Drain, and set aside.

 -In the same pan

– Melt butter with garlic.

– Add flour and seasonings.

– Sir in milk and boil til it thickens


– Remove Bay Leaf and Thyme

– Stir in sausage and mix well.

– Season with salt and pepper.


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