Egg Salad Sandwich


        Truth be told, I am an adult and never had a Egg Salad Sandwich before. The looks I got from my honey was priceless as he shook his head. When we went to the kitchen, We asked our daughter if she would like one, we told her that I had never had one before. All that came from her was ” Are you serious mom” then said “I yi, yi, mama mia”.

This sandwich is so easy to make. I enjoyed this sandwich so much, I almost had to have seconds, but because I am on a diet. I couldn’t. But if your looking for a quick sandwich on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. all you need is.


6                          Eggs (hard boiled)

2 Tbsp                 Mustard (dijon)

1 c                       Miracle Whip


– Toast 2 slices of rye bread

– Mix all ingredients together.

– Put 3Tbsp mixture in between slices of toast.

You can add chopped onion and celery to the mixture.

You can also add cayenne pepper to it also.

Goes well with chips or sliced veggies.


8 thoughts on “Egg Salad Sandwich

  1. You’d NEVER had egg salad up until this? What are you, an illegal alien from Mars?? Wow.

    Hey, next time try regular ol’ mayo instead of Miracle Whip. I mean, just for kicks, y’know? Not that there’s anything wrong with MW, if you like it. But the added vinegar and sugar can mask all that eggy goodness. If you need some sharpness, rather than the MW try adding some finely minced onion. And salt and pepper to taste is a good idea as well. Finally, a little diner cook’s trick: curry powder goes very, very well with many egg dishes, but particularly egg salad. Just a pinch. It really is a good match. As long as you use a light touch so that no one says, “Oh, curry!” you’ll find that it really amplifies the egg flavors nicely.

    Or just stick with Miracle Whip. I mean, what am I, the Egg Salad Arbiter? Enjoy!


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    1. Thank you so much for responding. I will be trying your idea’s, but it was the miracle whip was the only thing in our fridge at the time. I am a huge lover of curry. Yum. Still trying to find a curry recipe that doesn’t contain coconut though.

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      1. Lol. No problem. Hey, the basis of a lot of home cooking is “use what ya got in the fridge”. Good for you for grabbing the Miracle Whip if it was the only thing available.

        You can make plenty of non-coconut curry dishes – don’t get sucked into thinking the only things you can flavor with curry spices are those wet preparations you find in supermarkets and ubiquitous restaurants. But for purposes of the egg salad, don’t make it “a curry”. Just add an eight of a teaspoon or so of dry curry powder to your egg mixture to heighten your egg flavor. It should still taste like classic egg salad, but amplified a bit 🙂

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