A birthday Surprise

       My Baby, Ok My teenager (the one in red) recently celebrated her 14th Birthday. For a whole month I would ask her what she wanted for her birthday. Her only response was “I only want 2 things, a family picture and a pie in the face”. A day before her birthday, her father and I went to the store and bought a few items for her birthday party, including a pie tin and whip cream.

The day of her party, she had a good day and very helpful. At 4pm, a friend of hers came and she and the grandparents started playing “Mexican Train” which is like a domino’s game.

    Once the rest of the group came for her party, It was a great afternoon of “Mexican Train”.

. Once the food was coming out of the oven and I had announced that the food was on the counter, it took a bit before anyone would leave the game. I wish we had more days like this as it was fun watching them all play.

Once everyone had eaten and were back chatting, we decided to do the cake and I went in and took the pie tin and whip cream into the laundry room. Mark was getting the candles on the cake.

 I came out and had the cream pie behind my back, I had mom tell everyone to get their cell phones ready. Everyone started to sing Happy Birthday as I stand behind her with a pie, the song is in the last part, ready, ready. Go!


       She was in shock for a second when she turned and got me. Of all people.

        I loved it. Everyone loved it. After cleaning up, enjoyed our cake and opened up gifts.

Her grandparents gave her a cute gift of bubble wrap as for the last year, she has had a concussion from soccer, A broken thumb from being on a unicycle in gym class, and a sprained ankle form a kid at school tripping over her in gym class. So each piece of bubble wrap has  a note on where to put the bubble wrap. I thought it was a great idea.

It was a great birthday for a 14yr old. Can’t wait to do it again when she turns 18. Can’t believe how fast they grow.


4 thoughts on “A birthday Surprise

  1. Absolutely hysterical. So much humor in your family. Amazing. The bubble wrap was precious. And the modest request of your daughter just shows how great of a kid she is. Happy Belated Birthday to her!

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