Classic Chicken Strips

   Not sure what to have and want something fast and easy to make?  Our quick and easy Chicken Strip recipe is just that.


3 lb                              Chicken breasts( boneless) cut into slices

1 1/2c                          Milk

2                                  Eggs

2 c                               Cracker crumbs (2packages saltines)


– Heat oven to 375 Degree’s.

– Slice chicken into strips.

– Place cracker crumbs into a bowl.

– In separate bowl add eggs and milk, stir well.

– Add strips to egg mixture.

– Then to cracker crumb mixture.

– Place on greased cookie sheet.

– Place in oven for 25 minutes.

Because we are watching the salt in take in our house, we didn’t add any salt. But you can add garlic salt, or any seasoning you like. BBQ sauce is good too.

If you have left over’s, which we didn’t next day we had great chicken sandwich’s.


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