Winter Blue Rant

      After the mild temperatures last week. I was hoping that spring would soon be upon us. Oh was I wrong. Sunday We had a few flurries in the morning. Monday, it snowed most of the day and had stopped in the early evening. This morning we were woken up by the phone ringing at 5:30am.Saying that the school was canceled.


 Take a look outside and everything is so quiet and white. Fourteen inches fell in our area. As I stare outside, I write about spring and the future garden that I am eager to start. Fresh Herbs. Then I chuckle as I think what do we do in summer, we complain about it being to hot. Yep. I have been cooped up to long.

6 thoughts on “Winter Blue Rant

  1. goodness you got a lot of snow!!! We did not get that much, but still quite a bit fell in our area, last week. This week??????? RAIN!!! What crazy weather…


  2. We are having an excellent winter up here…Hardly any snow, and when it does come, it rains soon afterwards and washes it all away. Can’t wait for spring and summer!!!


  3. ohhh how beautiful is that!!!
    Same thing happened here as well! we thought we are slowly moving to the springy season…but last week we too got snow!! next day rain washed them off and again its giving hope that trees will get green soon with on and off rain and sun!
    We had very weak winter this year though 😦
    Enjoy that cotton beauty!! 😍

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