Beef Soup With Dumplings ( Slow Cooker Method)

       While the weather is snowy and cold and watching the snow drifts get higher and higher. I decided to make this Beef Soup with Dumplings which was perfect for the family. This is my slow cooked method. So on those cold days this soup would be perfect.


2                            Beef Soup Bones

1                             Onion (chopped)

2                             Garlic Cloves ( slivered)

2                             Celery Stalks ( 1 inch pieces)

2                             Carrots ( 1 in  Pieces)

2                             Potatoes ( 1 in pieces)

1 tsp                       Coriander

3                             Bay Leaves

3 Sprigs                  Thyme (fresh)

1 tsp                       Salt

1 tsp                       Pepper

6 c                          Beef stock/ broth


– Brown soup bones (I  stuck mine in the oven for an hour. But you can Sear them in a frying pan)

– Cut up the the celery, carrots, onion and garlic.

– In slow cooker , add the Stock, Broth.

– Once the Soup bones are done browning, add to slow cooker with the juices. Add the garlic and onion and the spices. Allow to cook on high for an hour.

– Turn the heat down to medium, or 3.

– After an hour and a half of cooking, Add the carrots, celery ,and potatoes.

– You may have to adjust the salt a bit because in my house hold we are watching the salt intake.

– Add these wonderful and light dumplings, A half hour before serving.


2 c                          Flour

1 tsp                       Salt

4 tsp                       Baking Powder

1 tsp                       Black Pepper

1                             Egg

2 Tbsp                    Butter(melted)

2/3 c                       Milk


– In medium sized bowl, add all dry ingredients.

– Stir in the butter, milk, and egg.

– Using a cookie scoop, spoon onto hot soup. (make sure you take out the bay leaves and the thyme).

– After spooning in the mixture, put the cover back on slow cooker and cook another 30 minutes.

* Any vegetables would be perfect for this soup.

What is your favorite Soup?

What would be good add- ins?


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