A Little Quiet time

Normally On Sunday’s its baking day. I haven’t done any baking yet as since National Pie Day is on March 14th, Still thinking on which Pie Recipe to try.  On top of that Next Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. Going through Irish Cookbooks to see what dishes we will be making.

Also need to remember that our daughter is the most pickiest when it comes to foods. She could live off of Pizza and hamburgers 24/7.

How many of you set your clocks forward last night? Are you feeling the effects yet? I am sorry to say we are a bit as two and a cat are sleeping.  Another reason why I am not going to start baking yet. So I am sitting here, cuddled in my chair, reading all of my followers posts and getting to know everyone. I love to comment and chat with you all.

Well I hope your Sunday is going well. Annarose

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