Blueberry Crisp

         For National Pi Day, Was going to make a peach pie, but we only had Blueberries and rhubarb in the freezer. Chose the blueberries as I wanted to try them in a crisp. So this is what we made and if they would come out with Smellapics. The smell of the crisp and blueberries was fantastic to the point where I had take a spoon and get a small nibble before it was out of the oven. Thought I would share the recipe with everyone. I do hope you try this and let me know what you think of it too.

Difficulty: very easy

Oven temp:  350 degrees

Time: 40-45 minutes


4  c                                       Blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1/2 c                                     Powdered Sugar

1/3 c                                     Flour

1/2 tsp                                  Cinnamon

1 tbsp                                   Corn Starch

TOPPING (crisp) ingredients:

3/4 c                                     Flour

1/2 c                                     Brown sugar

1/3 c                                     Butter (melted)


– Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Grease a 9-in pie pan.

– In a small mixing bowl, add powdered sugar, flour,corn starch and cinnamon.

– Mix well. Add the blueberries.

– Mix until all blueberries are well coated.

– Once all the blueberries are mixed and coated, switch all the blueberries to the pie pan.

– Now set the pan aside, while you get set up the topping.

– In a small bowl, mix together the flour, brown sugar, and melted butter.

– Mix together well.

– Place on top of the blueberries.

– If there is not enough to cover all (such as what happened with mine). Might have to make more of the topping. * I find the more you add, the crunchier it will be. The topping has been used by Mark in restaurants.

* Another note, make sure you put a cookie sheet under the pie plate.

– Enjoy the wonderful smell while it bakes.

– After 40- 45 minutes, remove from oven and allow to cool.

– After cooling, enjoy,

Enjoy with whip cream, or vanilla ice cream.


2 thoughts on “Blueberry Crisp

  1. I just made Bleberry Lemon Bread and will be posting it tomorrow. I love blueberries and grow my own. I have two bushes and freeze the berries to use all year long. I will have to give your recipe a try.


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