Smokey Salsa Cheeseburgers With Bacon

       Tired of having the same hamburger? I know we were (my daughter could eat them morning, noon and night). Mark and I made ours a little different and wow was it a treat. It was better than any hamburger I had ever eaten in a restaurant.So if you want a different kind of hamburger give this easy to make burger a try.

Difficulty – Easy

Servings- 5


1 LB                                    Ground Beef

1 tsp                                     Liquid Smoke

10 slices                               Bacon

2 Tbsp                                  Salsa (each hamburger), homemade salsa better.

Salt and Pepper to taste.


–  Place ground beef in a large bowl.

– Add liquid smoke, mix well.

– Form hamburger patties.

– Salt and pepper both sides well.

– Place in large frying pan and fry each side until either light pink( mark likes)

or well done like I like it.

– Place American cheese slice on top, Place lid over to melt the cheese.

– Once done, Place bacon on the bottom of bun, then hamburger pattie.

– Add salsa to top the cheese, cover with top of bun.

Goes well with a side of chips and some pickles.

We tried this recipe with salsa mixed in with the hamburger, but it wasn’t as good, for the salsa gets lost with the other ingredients.



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