Pancakes (That Melt In Your Mouth).

      With the snow falling and wind blowing and wanted something comforting, decided to make Mark’s pancakes that were so good they melt in your mouth and are his specialty. Its a really easy recipe to make.


2 c                      Flour

2 Tbsp                Sugar

1 tsp                   Salt

1 tsp                   Baking Soda

4 Tbsp                Baking Powder

2                         Eggs

1 c                      Buttermilk

1 c                     Milk

1/4 c                  Butter (melted)

2 tsp                  Vanilla


– In a large bowl;

– Add flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt, mix well.

– Add in the eggs, buttermilk, milk and vanilla, butter and mix well.

– Add 1 tsp of butter to pan.

– Once butter melts add 1/4c of batter to pan and wait til small bubbles top the pancake. Flip the pancake over and cook another minute.

We use local syrup and a small amount of butter. Goes well with a side of Grapefruit and bacon.

* If you don’t have buttermilk on hand, Using plain yogurt would be a great alternative.

Be prepared to be full for a while.

What is your favorite topping for pancakes?



8 thoughts on “Pancakes (That Melt In Your Mouth).

  1. Syrup and butter is a classic. I like PB&J on top. Or with blueberries.
    What if I wanted to omit buttermilk? Any adjustments that I would have to make?


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