Slow-Cooked Mixed Bean And Ham Soup.

       When its cold outside and your wanting something comforting for dinner, Why not make some soup that you can make in your slow cooker. This soup was so easy to make and once you try it, it will warm you right up.


1 pkg                              Mixed Beans (Rinsed and soaked for 1/2 hr)

1                                     Ham bone (ours was left over from Easter)

2 tsp                               Coriander

5 c                                  Beef stock/ broth

1 tsp                               Kosher salt

1 tsp                               Black Pepper

1                                     Onion (chopped)

2                                     Celery ( Sliced)

2                                     Carrots (sliced)


– Empty the mixed beans into a strainer and wash well.

– Place beans into a bowl with warm water, take out anything that floats to the top.

– In slow cooker, Add  Beef stock/ broth.

– Add Ham bone.

– Add Celery, Carrot,and onion and spices

– Drain the beans, add beans to soup and cook on high for 5 hours.

* Can add tomatoes, Kale, or any other veggies you would like.

* Crackers and/or toast are good sides that are delicious with the soup.


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