Loving Spring

    Woke up to a beautiful spring day, even though temps were a little on the cool side. One of my favorite things to do during the day besides write is stare at the outdoors and look at the flowers and plants.

This morning I took pictures at a great time when the sun peaked over the tree top. Made different parts of our yard brighter and others a dark blue green. I get a joy of watching the shadows of the tree’s across the street sway. I want to share our yard with you as I hope you have a happy and calming yard to sit and just day dream.

I am adding a few other pictures also.

* Question for you? Where is your go to place to relax and just be?

This question will help in a future post I would like to write.

Anyone know what plant this is? Its one of my favorite plants. Its going to be very large this year.

A little herb garden outside the back door.


13 thoughts on “Loving Spring

  1. Like you my go-to place for relaxing is my own back yard. almost totally shaded by century old oak trees, our yard is a haven for peace and tranquility. When the bugs get the better of me it’s time to head for the screen porch and a nice cold one. It’s our favorite outdoor room for the summer. Thanks for sharing your yard. It’s fun to watch the play of light through the leaves isn’t it?

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  2. My go-to place is my front porch. It has two seating areas and a lovely porch swing. Hummingbirds chase each other the length of the porch, and butterflies alight on the flowers. The view is of the woods across the one-lane road.

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  3. We have a “cabin in the woods” that we go to. I call it the ADHD retreat. We go there to unwind and relax. Its about 2 hours from the city, no power…which means no internet. SOOOOO relaxing. Can’t wait to get up there soon.
    There was frost this morning………after having plus 24 on Friday!


  4. Beautiful pictures! I love your herb garden. Unfortunately I never have any luck with herbs, but I still try every year. My favorite go to place is my front porch on my porch swing. It’s always shaded, cool and quiet…until I’m found by the kids or my husband:)

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  5. The photo of the rich “greens” in the morning sun is so refreshing…a great scene to wake up to. The mystery plant is a Ligularia plant…such enriched colors in those big leaves! I can see why you treasure this big plant!!


  6. Lovely garden! When I am outside we have a few Adirondack chairs and a wine barrel table we sit at in the backyard. Once my lilies start to bloom hopefully the hummingbirds will come back. That’s my favorite thing to do in our yard! Sip on a glass of wine and watch the hummingbirds!

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