Dill Bread And Buns

       This was probably the easiest bread that you could ever make. Only a few ingredients needed and out comes this golden brown loaf of bread with a swirl of dill. The word “yum ” is what was heard from a few that had chance to try this light bread. Since we had extra dough, we also made buns for hamburgers.

     The hamburger bun’s were so good, that eating them plain was better, so ended up using bread slices for dinner.

SO if your looking to try a different kind of bread or buns, try adding Dill to the center of your dough.I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we did.



6 c                     Flour

2 pkg                Yeast

1 tsp                  Salt

2 1/2 c               Water (warm water)

1 c                     Dill (fresh, chopped)

This is all you need.


– In medium sized bowl,

– Combine yeast and very warm water, stir

– Set aside

– In large bowl, add flour and salt and stir well.

– Slowly mix in the yeast mixture.

– Form into a ball and remove from bowl to lightly floured surface.

– Knead until dough is soft and a bit lighter. In our terms and your frustrated or just feeling ambitious then don’t be afraid to slam against the surface. Makes it softer yet.

– Lightly grease large bowl,add dough and cover with plastic for 45 minutes.

– Once dough is double in size, remove from bowl and on floured surface, cut dough in half .

– 1/2 will be made into bread and other half will be for buns (or another loaf).

-Roll out the half and spread Dill throughout.

 – Take edges and start rolling towards you.

– Then place in loaf pan and again allow to rise for another 45 minutes.

– For the hamburger buns, roll out and using a glass, or biscuit cutter, cut buns out and cover and allow to rise.

– After 45 minutes, place in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or til golden brown.

  I do hope you try and please let me know what your thoughts are?


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