Welcome To My Gardens

       This is our first harvest from our garden, but it make a nice little snack especailly the Heirloom Black grape cherry tomato (have never had one before), It was sweet and very juicy. We had planted a few other Heirloom varieties as well, after the flood in the spring, the cherry tomato was what we had left.

As far as what else was left in our veggie garden, 2 Zucchini plants, 3 Sugar Pea plants,

 A bunch of Swis Chard, 2 green bean plants, 1 tiny and lonely cucumber plant,l grape cherry tomato.

        I shake my head as this is our food,but then I think about climate change and watch the news reports as the weather has gotten worse in the past few years. Is it too late, can we turn this around?

Here are a few flower bed pics.

                                           Front Garden, there is a very large Currant Bush in there.

   This is my favorite plant. Can you guess what this is?


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