The End Of My CNA Journey.(Part 1)

                After two years of blogging and writing about our recipe’s and short little snippets of stories. I was asked by a couple of fellow bloggers to write about that journey that had taught me many valuable lessons.What is that televsion show back when I was a teenager the song goes like this”You take the good, you take the bad and what you have is the Facts of life”. Do any of you remember that show? Well throughout the years  I had the chance to take the good and the bad as I learned very valuable lessons.

My journey started when I got my first job as a Personal Care Assistant at a Assited Living facility when I was 17 years old, I was in charge of five women residents who had different behavior issues. But I was there to amkesure they had their meals and make sure they went to work the next day, or entertain on the week ends. The only issue I had with working there was the schedule. I worked 24hrs a day for 4 days, while the residents were at work, I was allowed to go home or leave the house only to be back before the women got home.

I had one resident that was combative, I smile while writing this as I remember how strong she was and the day I had to call in back up as she had me by the hair, I had another that was the sweetest little lady, she was by far my favorite, she couldn’t comunticate, but I always could tell what she wanted and she loved it when I would sit on the couch and lay down with her head on my lap and take my hand to her head, It was her wanting me to caress her hair. When I would tell my co-worker. My co-worker said that it was impossible and that the resident didn’t do such things,that she didn’t have the mental capabilties to want that. Besides I could lose my job if I got to close.

The other three residents only had mild disabilites and family. I stayed with that company for three years and yes I got attached to the two residents that had the severe disabilties. For Halloween the one year, I got permission to take the women trick or treating, one of the residents had said that they had never been. I Put sheets on them like ghosts, put the one resident into a wheel chair and away we went. The neighbors gave the women big candy bars and for myself. I would take them every where when they were not working. Took them by public transportation to the circus. then came the day that I showed the severely disabled resident how to hold a cup. Again my co-workers didn’t believe me, and said not too as its easier to just let the resident drink by straw. I got my co-worker back when I taught the resident to go into fridge and grab the pitcher when she wants. I quit a couple of weeks after that as I felt it was time.


Don’t underestimate people with disabilities, they are smarter then you may think.

I learned patience.

I learned about giving.


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