Grapes From My Garden

I never thought grapes would grow as well especailly up here in Northwest Wisconsin. Last year we had very few and tiny grapes. Because I haven’t been able to get out to the vegetable garden(the garden is 20ft away from the house), as I wanted to this year due to walking difficulties. I gave up on watching the vines spread and grow and even vining on to some of my other heirloom plants out side of the veggie garden. As I watered my deck vegetables, I noticed flock of blackbirds in the garden and I limped down and noticed what they were after..Grapes, I have never seen so many(I take that back,Only in movies and documentaries). I had a total of five bowls. In which I had picked throughout the weekend and it was fun learning how to make sweet grape juice and learning how to can. I have not mentioned I had a lone zucchini plant in that garden also, which I harvested nine zucchini’s and then surprise I have two tomato plants also. I feel good and blessed with my plants, But grapes in Northwest Wisconsin?  Happy am I..


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