Hummus Made Easy

    After experimenting with different variations of Hummus, We came up with one that even the picky eater in the house couldn’t get enough of. This is also the same Hummus I used in the Hummus veggie sub sandwich and salad plate. Please enjoy.


3(16oz)cans           Garbanzo Beans

1                             Lemon (juice only)

1 c                          Olive oil

4tsp                        Cumin

1tsp                        Coriander

2tsp                        Salt

1/2tsp                     Cayenne Pepper

1/2 c                       Tahini paste

3Tbsp                     Garlic (minced)

1/2 c                       Water


– Pour garbanzo beans into large bowl.

– Add Spices.

– Add Water, Lemon juice, and Tahini Paste.

– Using a hand blender, mixer, or food processor, mix together well, or until there are no longer any lumps and its very creamy.


Its very good with Pita chips, or tortilla chips.



8 thoughts on “Hummus Made Easy

  1. hmmmm I will definitely try to make this some time soon. I really like humus, but never made it myself. Should be a lot better than the supermarket stuff.


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