Best Mac And Cheese

           We enjoy being creative with macaroni and cheese. This version was fun and easy to make and with having a picky eater in the home, she had seconds.


1lb              Radiatore Noodles

1/4c            Butter

1/3c            Flour (for roux)

1&1/2c       Milk

1c               Heavy Cream

1&1/2tsp    Kosher Salt

1/2tsp         Ground Garlic

1/4tsp         Ground Coriander

1/2tsp         White Pepper

1                  Bayleaf

4oz             Cream Cheese

3c               Cheddar Cheese(shredded)


– Prepare pasta according to pkg directions.

– In another medium sized saucepan.

– Melt butter- Add flour and cook for 3 minutes.

– Add milk, cream, and seasonings.

– Bring to a boil, mixing to prevent lumps.

– Add cheeses and mix til smooth.

– Add cheese sauce to noodles and mix well.

When serving, top with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese and a few bacon bits. This does make a large family portion size. I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t resist another 2nd helping.


9 thoughts on “Best Mac And Cheese

    1. Hi. Yes. I use coriander in most of my foods. I used to use MSG. But found out the harmful affects it has on the human body. But Coriander does the same thing and is healthier. My next post is where coriander really comes out. Esp when a young one is sick and picky.


      1. Interesting I didn’t know coriander could replace msg flavours. And yeah msg has such harmful effects. I looks forward to the post on coriander!


  1. YUM!!! This Mac & Cheese will definitely be on my menu this weekend. If you like experimenting with crazy Mac & Cheese recipes, you might appreciate this crazy one. I was on Food Network and given the challenge to make a Mac & Cheese to-go… as in, hand held! Crazy and wild but here is the first thing that came to mind with 40 minutes and 35 cameras LOL! Following your yummy dishes now too!!

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