Home Made Hamburger Helper

                Due to the cold and just not wanting to go to the store. I came up with our own Hamburger helper which turned out really good and I look forward to trying different methods to this dish.

1 lb                         Hamburger

1 can                       Tomatoes (diced)

8 oz                         Sour cream

1 c                           Cheddar Cheese (shredded)

1 1/2 c                     Spiral Noodles


– Fry hamburger and drain,

– Boil spiral noodles, drain, put aside.

– In large pan, add cooked hamburger

– Add Sour cream, diced tomatoes. Stir well

– Add Cheddar cheese,

– Stir  Well making sure that the cheese melts.

– Add noodles and mix real well.

* Serve on a plate with tomato slices or a salad with a dinner roll.


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