A child”s First Surgery

I would show a picture of my daughter Santanna’s first shoulder surgery and hopefully her last( she had asked that I keep her privacy). Although she is fourteen, its still a frightening experience with noises and machines and she even asked if she was going to come out alive and with that. I explained that the Dr specialized in this kind of procedure and that with the the preparations that we do and they do is for her care and safety.

The night before surgery she had to have clean sheets on her bed, then she needed to shower, next morning before going to the hospital, she needed clean sheets on her bed and another shower. Once we arrived at the hospital, she had to have another sponge type washing up( using wipes).

Once she was done with that she was given q-tips with anti bacterial lotion to insert into the nostrils. I was very pleased at seeing all of the procedures being done. She recieved her IV, Within a few minutes, She was put on the gurney to go back into surgery.Β  Santanna had such a great attitude going in.

When she came out of surgery, they allowed me to visit her and she looked so frail that I just watned to hold her, but all she said was “wasn’t so bad after all”.

Have any of your children been hospitalized?

What was your experience like?


10 thoughts on “A child”s First Surgery

  1. My daughter was born with some medical issues so we spent almost half of her first year in hospitals, therapy, and doctor offices. After that a surgery a year until she was 5. The hardest was the first one. Handing over a 10 day old baby to the anesthesiologist was tough. But, he was great when we told him she liked show tunes he carried her down to the operating room singing, “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” He made us smile and laugh and think that everything was going to be okay.

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  2. My daughter has never, thankfully, needed surgery only a routine procedure that can be done by a GP, or as a day case in hospital by sedation but her heart rate was so high she had a team of staff around her and her anxiety meant she had to be given anesthesia. I hope your daughter realises how capable she is and I wish her a speedy recovery! Le grΓ , Marie

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  3. I don’t have kids but my sister and I have both had to go to the emergency room a couple of times. The only time I’ve actually seen my parents worried was when my little sister got kicked in the face by a horse. She had a concussion and serious back eye but made a full recovery.

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  4. I am so happy your daughter’s surgery was successful. No matter how old they get I do not think seeing them in pain will get any easier.

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