Egg Muffin In 5 Minutes

     Mornings can be a little hectic at our house. Our breakfasts need to be on the go and easy and fast to make. Making  a breakfast sandwich is the best way to go. So if  your mornings are anything like mine, give this breakfast sandwich a try. its better then a fast food establishment.



1                English muffin (cut in 1/2)

1                Egg

2Tbsp        Shredded cheese


– Add butter to little egg pan

– Add egg, break the yolk as its quicker to cook.

– Once the egg is semi done.

– Turn heat off, add shredded cheese.

– Cover with lid for 1 minute.

 There are many add-ins that can be added. I have scrambled the egg with tiny cubed red and green peppers. I have also made these with green onions and fish sauce.


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