Parmesan Stuffed Meatballs Topped With Mozzarella Cheese.

       Once again I have been experimenting in the kitchen with making another way of dressing up our Spaghetti and meatballs. These were a huge hit and I look forward to making them again.




1 lb                    Ground beef

1/4 c                  Bread crumbs

1                        Egg

1 tsp                  Salt’

1 tsp                  Pepper

1 1/2 tsp            Garlic

1 c                     Parmesan Cheese



In large bowl mix all ingredients together.

Form into 1 inch balls.

Fry til all sides are brown.

Then add to sauce and allow to simmer or while your waiting for the spaghetti.

Fry till all sides are browned.

Then add Sauce and let simmer. or while you finish with the noodles.

 Top with Mozzarella cheese.


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