Fruit Fly Traps


          When its harvest time and fresh vegetables and fruits in the house, also comes the season the pesky fruit flies. These pesky and annoying little insects can be pesky and annoying and the following recipe is one that mom and Mark taught me and now I want to share it with others as I am sure some of you also have this problem. It usually takes a couple of days til you are rid of them.

All you need is a couple of items:

1) Glass Container (shown in above picture)

2) Apple Cider vinegar (1/4c)

Add to glass container. I use three little containers, one for basement and another for kitchen and then the living room,near houseplants.

3) 3 drops of dish soap.

4) Then plastic wrap, enough to cover the containers.

Cover the containers tightly and use a toothpick to put a couple of holes in center.

And place them in areas that the fruit flies may be lingering. Around bananas, peaches,apples, and they loved my blackberries.

* The whole idea is that the the fruit flies are attracted to the sweet smells and climb in through the holes and then are trapped as they can’t find their way back out.


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