Hello, Welcome to cookingadventures , Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our site.We would like to invite you to pull up  a chair and enjoy a meal with us as we tell you a little more about us.

We want to use our culinary knowledge & love of eating delicious & nutritious foods and develop recipe’s that are sure to become some of your favorites, too. With emphasis on wholesome,healthy ingredients, our creations may spark your taste buds with some new and tasty sensations.

As some of you may know by reading some of my posts that Mark (the love of my life) was a chef with many years experience. Knows the ins and out of running a restaurant as his parents owned one and involved in other restaurants. His culinary arts are amazing.

I am Annarose,(chef in training)  I worked as a CNA for 24 yrs which I enjoyed doing. It all ended after an accident in 2013. It dawned on me that I have always had an interest in food and the correct way of preparing and making it look fun and sexy( Chef Mark’s words)

We enjoy gardening (Spring is almost here), Aquaponics, Flowers, and using locally owned products.

Most of the recipe’s that are on our site is tested and retested before its put on the site. If the chef is not happy or our 14 yr old picky eater is not happy with the food its not going on site.

If there are any questions, please ask. If you do stop by our site, just stop and say hi, any comment you post helps us.

Thank you and happy eating

Mark and Annarose