Long Time

I feel like it’s been weeks since my last post, I had to put it away as my little girl was hurt while playing a sport. I felt like I was going through blogging withdrawals as there is so much to share with others and catching up with everyone’s post and having a great cup … More Long Time


I have not been on in a couple of days, as I am working on a piece about self-confidence, Its a lot harder then Ithought it was going to be, as sometimes my self-confidence suffers and part of the research I am doing for this blog is Iam not alone and Iwould like to know … More Confidence

Writers block

What to do about writers block, I don’t have a lot to talk about, and a bit stressed out about it, went for a very early drive to the coal dock to think. Still nothing to write. So I am just sending out a hello to everyone. 

My Deck Garden

What was only to be an experiment,turned out tobe a huge success. I started my Heirloom tomatoes in March so they would be ready to transplant outdoors in June.All of the seedlings died except for one that was also in bad shape(looking all scraggly),I was not going to let that happen so I babied that … More My Deck Garden