Beef Stock

  We have been making Beef Stock a lot more as of late instead of buying at the store as its easy and its better for us. We also found out that making our own beef stock is healthier for us for our over all health and because of the collagen and bone marrow, it … More Beef Stock

Green Tomato Chili

           Due to picking our tomatoes and zucchini earlier this year meant over abundance of green tomatoes. Decided to create some dishes using green tomatoes and this recipe turned was one of our best chili’s. INGREDIENTS: 1 lb                Ground beef 1(16oz)can    Kidney beans 1(15oz)can    Black beans 2(15oz)cans   Tomato sauce 1(16oz)can     Stewed tomatoes … More Green Tomato Chili

Beef Soup With Red Wine

11/2lbs       beef steak (cut into 1inch cubes 2Tbsp         olive oil 3cloves       garlic (minced) 1                 onion (diced) 2stalks        celery (diced) 2                 carrots (diced) 3                 potato (diced) 1&1/2c       Red Wine 3                 bay leaves 2sprigs        thyme 1/2tsp          ground coriander 1/4tsp         black pepper 8c              beef broth Directions: – Cut and prepare … More Beef Soup With Red Wine