Bye, Bye Snow.

     Bye Snow, see you in a few months. Even though this morning I can see more of the garden area and more of the yard and flower beds.

Took a walk around the yard, looking to see the Tulips and Daffodils and one Sweet William enter for the spring season. Soon even more of the Plants and Flowers will make their presence known, which I have been looking forward to.

Once all of the snow is gone, the work begins, raking out the garden, raking the 50 thousand pine cones that have fallen over the winter. Not that its fun or anything, Its very time consuming and having Fibro( another blog soon) does not make the work any easier. I find being out in the gardens relaxing and fulfilling. How is the weather, where you live?  How many of you have started your gardens?


7 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Snow.

    1. Hi. I know its been a rough winter for you all up there too. After watching the weather channel this morning, most of the country is supposed to be warm. So I am hoping that you get those warm temps your way nd have spring too. How much snow do you still have on the ground?

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      1. No snow on the ground thank goodness, it’s not settling. We did have a lovely weekend but we’ve now been smacked in the face with a frozen kipper by Mother Nature shouting April Fools!


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