Happy Easter/Fools Day

      Hello to all. Just a small note to say Happy Easter for a few here that celebrate the Holiday. For some its a different kind of Holiday in which I hope you will share with me?

Today is also April 1,2018, Which means that its April Fools Day. Only this year is my revenge

on my family as I woke up early, Put some goodies in a basket, boiled some eggs and made a family sized Caramel Roll (which will be in my next post.

Then the fun started for me. Can you guess what I am conjuring up?

      Is anyone else going to do anything for April Fools Day, please share your story?

Hope you all had a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter/Fools Day

  1. Happy Easter!
    Oh, that is actually pretty funny.
    My clock played a prank on me by being 45 mins late and making me think it was way earlier than it actually was. Now I have to re-structure my day’s agenda.


    1. Lol, Those two were to worried about what I had up my sleeves. We had friends over for Easter dinner though and it was nice. Wanted to invite Mark’s sister also but she never got back to me. I see that you had a busy week end also. Did you get our cards?


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