Whiskey Caramel Sauce

           If your wanting something special to add to the Apple Crisp, here is our Whiskey Caramel Sauce. Which only takes a few minutes to make and once this is dripped on to the Crisp, you will be wanting another helping. Here is our recipe.


6oz            Brown Sugar

1/2c           Corn syrup

2Tbsp        Butter

2Tbsp        Whiskey

1/4c           Heavy Cream


-Bring all of the ingredients to a boil for one minute.

– Keep stirring til the ingredients become one color.

– Cool for a few seconds before serving.


– Take a slice of apple crisp and plate it.

– Put one scoop of ice cream on top of Crisp

-Drizzle a small amount on ice cream and now you can enjoy.

 Now Its time to find a nice quiet spot to enjoy this.


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