Beef Stock

  We have been making Beef Stock a lot more as of late instead of buying at the store as its easy and its better for us. We also found out that making our own beef stock is healthier for us for our over all health and because of the collagen and bone marrow, it helps in our immune system and helps stop inflammation. Here is our Beef Stock that is simple to prepare.


2                    Beef Soup Bones

2 stalks          Celery (1/2 in pieces)

1                    Onion (cut into 4ths)

2                    Carrots (1/2 in. pieces)

2 cloves         Garlic (minced)

1 tsp               Coriander

1 tsp               Salt

1 tsp               Pepper

3                     Bay Leaves

3 sprigs           Thyme Leaves


– Place 2 beef soup bones into baking dish.

– Add celery, carrots, and onion. Top with minced garlic.

– Place baking dish into a 400 degree oven for 1 hour, just to sear(brown).

– After one hour, remove from oven into a pressure cooker/or crock pot

– Cook on high in the crock for an hour or for an hour, then low cook overnight, to loosen up ligaments and collagen, and marrow.

– Next day directions. Using a strainer, remove veggies and bones and discard.

– jst having the juice left, Use for another dish or soup, or store in freezer container and freeze for up to 4 months.


8 thoughts on “Beef Stock

  1. Just when I was wondering what I should have for supper! This looks delish. And I’m not a big beef fan! I want soup! LOL
    Great informative post.


    1. We make it once a month to use in our soups. It is very healthy (just don’t tell our daughter) LOL. Its actually very good for her mentality and while its flu season. We do as much as possible to keep from getting that monstrous flu.

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      1. The one that is going around this year is horrible. I love soup and luckily she eats pretty healthily. She is a sushi queen, so I guess I’m lucky there with the omega fats. And she loves her veggies.
        Today was a rough day, I couldn’t get her out of the bed this morning. Is it hard to get your daughter up some mornings? Even if she had a good nights sleep?

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      2. Hi. Yes mornings are not the best. It took quite a few of fits to get her to go to bed on time too. Having Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. Its been a rough road. But through our local Dr and Therapist and a medication ( I am not thrilled, that we had to go to that) She is slowly becoming a beautiful young lady(she will be 14 feb 3rd. People have been telling me that they have seen a difference in her. There is so much I want to chat with you about because our daughter’s behavior is so much alike.

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      3. You can email me anytime at
        I’m had to start another email because Nicole wants to start an Instagram account for my photos…So Once that is up and running I will send you that as well.

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  2. I can’t live without stock! Great post. I’m actually making vegetable today. ❤ Glad to find your blog. Take care. 😁

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  3. Sounds like I should be doing this often, too! Any dish is only as good as the quality ingredients that go into it. Many soups, etc. can benefit from this wholesome stock. Thanks once again for your inspiration!

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