Pork Chop With Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

        While I busy doing some work. My honey surprised me by making supper. The pork chop was so sexy and mouth watering with all the juices mixed with the mashed potatoes. OK, I normally don’t talk like this, But that is what I would call Food Porn. It left me savoring every bite.So if you woul;d like to try this, He told me how he did the Pork Chops,(When I make Pork chops,They usually are dry).


3                        Pork Chops (boneless)

1 1/2tsp              Salt (both sides of each Pork chop)

2 tsp                   Pepper (both sides of Pork chop)

1 tsp                   Coriander (both sides of Pork chop)

1 tsp                   Garlic Salt (both sides of Pork chop)

4 sprigs              Thyme(fresh)

2 tsp                   Oil


– In large frying pan, Add oil.

– Heat to high heat..

– Add Pork chops,and thyme, cover and allow to fry for 7 minutes each side


7                           Garlic cloves (roast in small frying pan, mince once done)

5                            Yellow Potatoes (peeled, sliced)

6 c                           water

1/4 c                        Butter

1/4 c                        Milk


– In medium pan, add water and potatoes, boil for 15 minutes til soft.

– Drain potatoes and place back in pan,

– Add butter,allow butter to melt while mashing.

– Once mashed, add milk and garlic and slat if needed.

 Its great with a side of salad.

Has anyone tried pork chops for breakfast?


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