Roasted Chicken With Vegetables


         The weather outside is frightful and the smell of Roasting Chicken is delightful.

You all know the song, I wanted to continue with my version, but thought I would share this great recipe instead.

prep time: 20 minutes

Crock pot time: 3-4 hours


1               Frying Chicken (whole, cut-up)

1               Onion (quartered)

3               Carrot ( 1/2in pieces)

2               Celery (1/2in pieces)

4               Potatoes (quartered)

4 c            Water

1(12oz)     Beer

2               Bay leaves

2 Tbsp      Bouillon (Chicken)

1tsp          Coriander


– Prepare crock pot with the liquids and seasoning.

– Fry up the chicken

– Add chicken to the crock pot.

– Sear the vegetables.

– Add vegetables to crock pot.

IMG_1933 (1)

– Serve with a dinner roll and fruit.

IMG_1939 (1)

So if your day is frightful, go ahead and try this dish



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